MP-01 Madhya Pradesh RTO: How to Check Vehicle Registration Details Online

MP-01 RTO in Madhya Pradesh, India, is responsible for enforcing the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, overseeing vehicle registration and licensing across various regional and district offices.

Madhya Pradesh is a state in India where vehicle registration is divided into two types:

Madhya Pradesh Road Vehicle Registration

  • Permanent Registration: Legal operation of two-wheelers and cars.
  • Temporary Registration: Recommended for short-term state-to-state transportation.

MP-01 RTO role involves managing vehicle registration and driving license issuance, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and legal authorization for vehicle operation on roads.

MP-01 RTO Website Access

  • Enter vehicle details.
  • Verify captcha for human verification.
  • View owner’s name, model, validity.

Registration Process:

  • Double-check registration number.
  • Ensure stable internet connection.
  • Keep necessary documents for reference.

Vehicle Registration Owner Search in Madhya Pradesh:

  • Access website for registration details.
  • Locate search section on homepage.
  • Enter vehicle details, usually registration number.
  • Click “Search” to initiate process.
  • Wait for website to retrieve details.
  • Review search results carefully.


The RTO in Madhya Pradesh has made it easier for vehicle owners to access their registered details online, enhancing the efficiency and convenience of the registration process.

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